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Implementing ROTEM®-Guided Bleeding
Management as Part of a PBM Program

Bronwyn Pearse, RN, MClinPract
PhD Candidate, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Clinical Nurse Consultant, Blood Management,
The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane
Research Project Officer, University of the Sunshine Coast,
Queensland, Australia
  Date: July 25, 2018
  Time: 5:00 PM EST
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As part of the ILluminations Webinar Series, Instrumentation Laboratory invites you to a webinar focused on the implementation of bleeding management, a key component of a Patient Blood Management(PBM) program.

Clinicians must use evidence-based best practices to deliver high quality care for optimal outcomes. This is crucial to prevent unnecessary treatment or treatment that could potentially be harmful to patients. However, implementing evidence-based Bleeding Management can be challenging. The use of evidence-based, planned change models offers

a foundation for applying the lessons learned through research, from one clinical context to another. Research demonstrates that theory-based implementation provides an increased likelihood of successful practice change versus an ad-hoc approach.

In this webinar, Bronwyn Pearse will review how one institution implemented a Bleeding Management program, including both successes and challenges. She will provide an overview of the role of evidence-based implementation and the benefits of planned change models. And she will offer strategies for implementing a Bleeding Management program in your institution as a part of a PBM program, including the use of ROTEM testing.


  • Review how one institution implemented a Bleeding Management program—their successes and challenges
  • Understand the role of evidence-based implementation and the benefits of ‘planned change models’
  • Learn strategies for implementing a PBM program in your institution

Please register by July 24, 2018. Registrants will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to join the live webinar. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. For questions and registration assistance, contact your local IL sales representative.

This webinar is free to attend.